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Since 1969/70, Apex Clubs around Australia  have raised money to sponsor research into the causes, prevention and treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Apex Foundation has provided over $500,000 in support of research to understand the condition and to find a cure. This information will also help to understand the symptoms of those who live with Autism which is vital knowledge for their carers.

Autism is a rare development disability which is characterised by severe problems in communication and behaviour, resulting in relationship difficulties.

Funds have been used, inter-alia, to:

  • Sponsor research into the incidences, causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of children with Autism
  • Sponsor research into the social, educational and recreational requirements of children with Autism
  • Encourage, stimulate and aid research in all branches of medical sciences and psychology
  • Offer funding to assist in the study and research of Autism

Although there is no known cure for Autism, a growing body of research points to biochemical error or organic brain disorder with some treatments appearing to be promising.

Work must continue and the funding made possible by the Apex Autism Trust is a significant part of Australia’s effort to understand and overcome this condition.

The Apex Foundation is a long term committed champion of high quality research into Autism.

You can donate to this worthy cause by using the DONATE button in the menu above.