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Apex Foundation Community Fund (previously referred to as the  Necessitous Circumstances Trust (NCT)) supports programs for children and families at risk due to necessitous circumstances.

The Story

The NCT was established in 2011 following a restructure of all Trusts. It replaced the General Trust and the Destiny Trust.

The General Trust funds were derived from donations, annual membership subscriptions plus net income from Foundation fundraising projects in local and regional communities throughout Australia.

An annual amount of $20,000 was ear marked for distribution to Apex Clubs through the General Trust with an annual cap of $2000 for each successful application. However ongoing projects could receive a total payment of up to $7500 for one project over a period of time.

The General Grants process started in 1986 and continued until 2011 when the restructure took place. The Apex Foundation has made many grants totalling $350,000 from its General Trust and NCT over the years.

This new fund was then called Apex Necessitous Circumstances Trust and the purpose of the fund is to carry on the role of making grants to people in need. It is a public fund for the relief of persons in Australia in necessitous circumstances.

This fund can make grants to individuals or groups who meet the grant guidelines and the Foundation Board encourages Apex Clubs to utilise these funds to assist individuals or groups in their local community

Apex Foundation Community Fund (AFCF) Trust grants guidelines for Clubs are listed below.

  1. Grants from the AFCF Trust are for people in difficult financial circumstances to assist them in meeting expenses associated with disabilities etc.
  2. The assistance can be to fund the medical treatment involved or the associated expenses for the family. e.g. travel and accommodation etc.
  3. That the grant application needs to show that it will assist an individual or group who are in need of financial relief.
  4. Grant funds are not available for overseas projects.
  5. The term “disadvantaged” can apply to a person or group who is disadvantaged by financial, physical, intellectual and mental disabilities.
  6. An application form needs to be completed.
  7. The maximum grant will be up to $3000 from the Foundation.
  8. If Apex Clubs are applying for a grant it is expected that the club will match the grant $ for $ or provide labour/in kind contribution to the same value or greater.
  9. Each application will be assessed by the Director responsible for the Trust and presented to the Board for assessment and approval.

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