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Apex Foundation manages a number of trusts as detailed below.

We seek donations to assist us in providing support for the many causes which these trusts support, and provide a lifetime of support to the lives of young Australians.

In many cases your gift will be tax deductible.

Trusts currently managed by the Foundation are:-

Apex Charitable Trust

It is a public ancillary fund. Whilst the trust empowered to make grants to a wide range of entities, its current focus is to support research into Autism, Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia, Cranio Facial Surgery, Diabetes and Melanoma.

Apex Foundation Community Fund

This fund supports those experiencing financial hardship.

Apex Opportunity Fund

This trust provides respite care for children and their families. The trust currently has three facilities.Families of children in need of respite from their everyday caring regime can stay at the SHACK.

Groups of children who battle chronic illnesses or who are from financially disadvantaged background can  experience the snowy mountains environment at The Chalet.

The cabins located at the Copper Coast Retreat  Wallaroo South Australia provide families who are experiencing cancer, the opportunity to have a week’s holiday with free accommodation and build wonderful memories during a time that can be full of uncertainty and fear.

Gifts to each of the above trusts are tax deductible.

The other Trust currently managed by the Foundation to which donations are invited is:-

Fine Arts Trust

The trust offers funding for young talented musicians  to compete in the Hans Gabor Belverde Competition in Vienna.

Note: In the case of the Charitable Trust and the Underprivileged Children’s Trust you may wish to indicate the cause which you wish your donation to support.

Bequests to the Apex Foundation – Leave Your Footprint On The World

We would all like to leave a “footprint” in this world as proof of our existence and hard work. The Apex Foundation offers an opportunity to do just that with a choice of different children’s charities that will benefit from your bequest.

For those who have an interest in research to save lives or to make life less of a struggle, please consider:

Apex Foundation Charitable Trust
a) Autism
b) Child Cancer & Leukaemia
c) Craniofacial Surgery
d) Diabetes Mellitus
e) Melanoma

For those who would like to support underprivileged Australians or Australians at risk, please consider:

Apex Foundation Community Fund

For those who would like to support underprivileged children or children at risk, and their families, please consider:

Underprivileged Children’s Trust
a) The Shack
b) The Chalet
c) Apex Copper Coast Retreat

For those who would like to support young musicians:

Fine Arts Trust (inc. Robert Stolz Music Scholarship)

For further information, please download the Bequest Information Sheet (above) or contact the Sydney Office.