Corporate Sponsorship

For the general well being of the Australian community as a whole, Apex Foundation invites corporate sponsors to work along side them. Not only do we achieve more as a not for profit organisation, there are corporate benefits all round.

Corporate sponsorship benefits with the Apex Fopundation are as follows:

  • Raises the profile and image of your brand and organisation.
  • Provides networking opportunities for national exposure and exposure to new markets.
  • Displays your commitment to support children, the future of Australia.
  • Involves your staff in a community cause.
  • Offers your staff opportunity to participate in workplace giving schemes and charity programs which builds self worth and staff morale as a team.
  • Provides priceless media and commercial opportunities to build your brand and image which results in future business connections.

For more information, please contact the Sydney Office -02 9253 7775 or send email