Chairmans Forward

Welcome to the Apex Foundation. This website outlines all aspects of what the Foundation is about and how we operate.

The Apex Foundation was created to administer and manage the funds that were raised by Apex Clubs over the years through the National Service Schemes. 

The Apex Foundation controls and continually monitors the performance of an investment portfolio in order to generate and then distribute funds to trusts.

These funds are distributed through the Apex Foundation Public Ancillary Fund; assisting not only past National Service Schemes but also working closely with Apex Australia to continue to grow and expand the relationship between Apex Australia and The Apex Foundation. 

Likewise, the Apex Foundation CW Family Care Trust (trust resulting from monies entrusted to The Apex Foundation by the Civilian Widows movement) allows The Apex Foundation as trustees to further improve the lives parents experiencing financial hardship to provide a better life for their children. 

 The Apex Foundation maintains 3 Respite properties in separate locations throughout Australia. The properties are for the benefit of Disabled and Disadvantaged children and their families and are managed through the Apex Foundation Opportunity fund..

These properties can only exist with the ongoing support of many current and past Apexians throughout Australia . 

In what we now can see as a visionary move on the part of past Apex Foundation Directors the funds were used to create trusts for the beneficiaries and not just given away. 

The result is a lasting legacy for all our beneficiaries and the Foundation now distributes funds each year and will continue to do so into the future.

 We are proud that we can continue the work of so many dedicated and visionary Apexians of the past.

The Pro Bono Directors of the Apex Foundation see a very bright future and are dedicated to continuing and expanding on the success of the past.

 We are always interested in feedback on what we do and how we can do things even better.

Please feel free to contact us with ideas and suggestions on any aspect of the Apex Foundation.


Yours in Apex

Jamie Vincent
Chairman Apex Foundation

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