“Welcome to the Apex Foundation web page. Whether you are visiting this page for the first time or have been here before I hope you find it informative and interesting. The web page provides details of all aspects of what the Foundation is about and how we operate.

The Apex Foundation was created to administer and manage the funds that were raised by Apex clubs over the years in their National Service Schemes.”

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Latest News & Announcements

Apex Foundation AGM 2022

The above will be held on 18 November 2022 at Shaw and Partners,  Level 7, Chifley Tower, 2 Chifley Square Sydney NSW 2000 Australia starting at 6.30pm. More details will be made available in due course.

Apex Foundation Chairman and Director visit Children’s Cancer Institute

In June 2022 , Apex Foundation Company Secretary, Mike Fitze & Chairman Tony Wilshire visited the Children’s Cancer Institute at the Lowry Cancer Research Centre at UNSW Randwick. They were very warmly welcomed by, Executive Director Professor Michelle Haber AM, & Chief Marketing & Fundraising Officer, Anne Johnston. Both Michelle & Anne acknowledged how Apex & The Apex Foundation were phenomenal supporters of the Institute over many years, & how they very much treasured the relationship.

Michelle & Anne were very excited that the Apex Foundation wanted to further escalate this great partnership, & gave us an in depth snapshot of their future plans which are very significant, with new technologies, further escalating their impact, and collaborations going forward.

We were also shown a story video, which demonstrates some of the things CCI does. Please follow the link Ellie’s Story. This is all about Zero Childhood Cancer. These people are incredible to say the least, & the Apex Foundation is incredibly proud of the huge part that Apex played in the establishment, & ongoing support.

On behalf of the Apex Foundation, Mike & Tony offered continued support, & the Children’s Cancer Institute is progressing a proposal for the Board to consider.


Apex Foundation donates towards cancer support

Bloomhill CEO Christopher John says:

Thank you so much to Tony Wilshire and the Apex Foundation for their recent $12,000 donation to assist new cancer clients at our Bloomhill Wellness Centre.


Your generous donation helps us to continue to provide personalised support to those touched by cancer and we are beyond grateful.


About Bloomhill 

Bloomhill exists to provide personalised support for those touched by cancer.We provide integrated cancer care to people diagnosed with cancer and support for their families and loved onesthrough our centre at Buderim. 

Central to our work is a culture of care, supportand empathy.We will go where others dont. We listen to stories others aren’t able to hear. We are present when others are not able to be. We take care in all that we do around clients and in the sanctuary of our wellness centre. 

It is our honour and commitment to be a safe and secure space, to share and understand the entire continuum of survivorship and wellbeing through to the time when we support those who face their end of life.We seek to foster an empowering, integrated community-based model of care that supports the individual needs of people touched by cancer. 

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Annual General Meeting  2021

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Apex Foundation was held on Friday 19 November 2021 by Electronic means (Zoom). In the Chairman’s address, Tony announced that a past Chairman of the Foundation and long standing Director and member, Stephen Bigarelli,  was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Apex Foundation. He added that despite the challenges of Covid during the year, the Foundation continued its good work for Apex Clubs and the community. 

Sally Ann Russell, as the Guest Speaker outlined her association with the Fine Arts Trust and how the Trust had helped so many artist make it to the world stage. 

Tony was once again elected as Chairman for the year 2021 2022.


The Apex Foundation giving opportunities for future employment for Students with Autism

 The Apex Foundation has supplied a trailer and tools worth more than $13,000 for a very special project for a school for children with Autism at the Aspect School in the Central Coat of New South Wales.  Two years ago, we funded a Van for the same school to assist the children out of the classroom and into the community to increase their employment opportunities.

This year, we took a further step and agreed to support the school with the purchase of equipment for a school/ community-based lawn and garden maintenance program for their high school students.

The aim of the program is to provide work experience opportunities within the school and the community with the possibility of a traineeship in the future. We worked closely with the students and the teachers to find out exactly what they needed and came up with the following:

8 ft x 5 ft caged Trailer with ramp

  • Sign writing on the Trailer
  • 2 x Mowers – Petrol driven
  • 2 x Brush cutters – battery operated
  • 2 x Blowers – battery operated
  • 1 x Hedger – battery operated
  • Spare Batteries
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Garden tools and tool bags
  • Brooms, rakes, and garbage bins
  • Safety gear and sun hats for 12 students
  • Fuel cans and
  • towbar for the Bus which we donated two years ago.


We tried to make sure that the tools we bought were user friendly for every child and therefore purchased battery operated tools with low noise and less vibration, as far as possible. The School now has a full lawn mowing and home gardening business ready for work including full cans of fuel.


The Trust that funded this project was the Autism Trust that the APEX Foundation manages which came from funds that Apex clubs around Australia had raised in 1969 during a Walk around Australia by the Apex clubs of Australia to raise awareness of Autism and Autism research.

This program will have a huge positive long-term impact for many high school students, who are living with Autism, for many years into the future.



The SHACK will reopen on 1 November 2021 subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Waiver Form duly completed, signed and returned
  2. The evidence that all occupants 16 years and over are double vaccinated or have a medical exemption from being vaccinated is submitted.
  3. The above documents are emailed to prior to occupation of the premises but not more than 14 days prior to the arrival.

Apex Foundation and Apex Australia join forces in the Mental Health Initiative

The Apex Foundation supports the Apex Australia’s promoting Mental Health initiative. Click here for full details.

The Chalet in Smiggin Holes is now open for 2023 snow season bookings.


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Apex Foundation publishes a newsletter every quarter for its members and supporters informing them of the activities of the Foundation.

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Who We Are

The Apex Foundation is a not-for-profit charity originally established by Apex Australia. It is the trustee and custodian of a wide range of projects primarily in the fields of medical research; respite care accommodation for the underprivileged; and funding of projects for the disadvantaged.

The Apex Foundation Limited is a company limited by guarantee with a commitment to improving the lives of Australians with special needs.

Individuals, Apex Clubs, Charitable Institutions and world-class researchers have benefited from valuable assistance from Apex Foundation.

The Apex Foundation does not receive direct government funding – it remains an example of Australians helping other Australians in a spirit of good citizenship and community engagement.

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There are many ways you can help Apex Foundation. Membership – becoming a member will keep you in touch with our progress and programs within the Apex family.

Donations – contributing financially is always welcome and with Apex your donation will goes a long way into the future.

Corporate Sponsorship – for the general well being of the Australian community as a whole, Apex invites corporate sponsors to work along side them.

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