The Apex Foundation Board

The management of the Apex Foundation Limited (a Company limited by guarantee) is by an honorary Board of Directors, who share responsibilities for the Trusts and administrative portfolios, under the direction of a Chairman.

The members of the Board, and their responsibilities are listed below.

The Apex Foundation are honoured to have the following outstanding Australians as our patrons.

Brian Powe

Underprivileged Children’s Trust (SHACK)

Tony Wilshire
Vice Chairman

Board and Audit Risk Committee

Civilian Widows Trust- Queensland, WA & NSW

Fine Arts Trust

Cowled Foundation

Mike Fitze
Company Secretary

Administration (Chair), Staff, Insurance,

Board of Audit & Risk Committee

Governance Committee

Underprivileged Children’s Trust (Copper Coast),

Apex Necessitous Circumstances Trust

Stephen Bigarelli

Director Finance

Board of Audit and Risk Committee (Chair)

Investments Committee

Graham Cassidy

Marketing and Membership Committee


Apex Charitable Trust – Children’s Cancer, Diabetes and Melanoma



John King

Governance Committee (Chair)

Board of Audit & Risk Committee

Jamie Vincent

Marketing and Membership Committee,

Underprivileged Children’s Trust (Chalet)

Apex Charitable Trust – Autism

Lindsay Carthew

Investments (Chair)

Marketing and Membership Committee (Chair)

Board of Audit & Risk Committee

Apex Charitable Trust –  Cranio Facial

Neal Molineaux

Apex Liaison, National President Apex Australia


  • Honourable John Howard AC
  • Jim Hughes AM