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Craniofacial is one of the major causes assisted by the Apex Foundation Charitable Trust.

The aim is to enable children and adults suffering from major facial deformities and injuries to be able to receive corrective surgery and to encourage research & development and the promotion of advanced surgical techniques to correct such major facial deformities.

In 1984 the Apex Craniofacial Trust was established, after more than $800,000 was raised by Apex Clubs from the 1983/84 National Apex Service Scheme. The scheme was originally sponsored by the Salisbury Apex Club in South Australia. Today the support for this cause continues through the Apex Foundation Charitable Trust.

Working closely with the Chairman and Founder, Professor David J. David, Apex sponsored the formation of the internationally renown, Australian Cranio Maxillo Facial Foundation (ACMFF), based in Adelaide. Apex continues to be a major benefactor of the ACMFF.

A significant proportion of the funds granted each year by Apex is used to further research of the causes and treatments of many forms of facial deformities. During 2015-2016, the Apex Foundation continued its support, with a $25,000 grant for ongoing research into Craniosynostosis.

Craniofaical surgery is a complex, multidisciplinary activity which requires personal, humanitarian action and support at all levels of our community. It involves high technology and advanced science, which is restoring dignity for the facially deformed throughout the world.

How you can help – The number of patients is increasing each year. The work is very costly and your donation is vitally important for the ongoing success of the Australian Craniofacial Unit.

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