2015-2016 Annual Report & Annual Financial Statements


Dear Members,

The Apex Foundation Chairman, Stephen Bigarelli

The Apex Foundation Chairman,
Stephen Bigarelli

For what should be easiest task I perform as the Chairman of the Apex Foundation, writing the annual report is often the hardest! It is easy to write about our financial results and who we distributed funds to, but it is much harder to write about the impact we make in the community!

On page 3 of this report under “What We Do?”, there is a great summary of just what we do. The impact we have is a varied as the diversity of our trusts. An example of an immediate impact we can have is the Civilian Widows Trust, which there are a number of examples in this annual report.

Not often do we see our trusts overlapping but on page 15 there is a great story about the Civilian Widows Queensland Trust who helped fund a group young people to attend the Magic Castle, our facility at Smiggin Holes. Maybe we will see
more of this cooperation between our trusts in the future.

The impact that we have in our Charitable Trusts, is not so immediate. Most of the funds in these trusts are directed to Medical Research. As we know the impact of research, can take years to be felt by the community. But we always receive
very positive feedback that our funds do make a difference and most importantly our beneficiaries know that funds will be on going and not just a one off grant. This is one of the unique features of the Apex Foundation in that even though we may at time make small grants, the grants are ongoing and our
beneficiaries can rely on these grants year after year.

This year has been a big year for one of our most prized assets, the Apex Chalet at Smiggin Holes. In January this year Foundation Director Jamie Vincent lead work party that totally re-clad the Chalet, the biggest upgrade the Chalet has had since it was opened. Elsewhere in this report you will read the details of what was achieved, but this only occurred as a direct result of the high regard this facility is held in by Apexians past and present. You only have to read some of the comments we receive from the many children, parents and carers that attend the facility to realise the positive impact we make to so many young lives.

At last year’s Annual general meeting we announced that Jim Hughes, a past board member and Chairman of the Apex Foundation had been appointed as a new Patron of the Apex Foundation. Jim’s vast experience in all aspects of Apex, as well as his high standing in the business world, makes him an ideal person to hold this important role. The Apex Foundation is very fortunate to have Jim as well as the Hon John Howard as our Patrons.

At the end of this financial year we fare welled Jim McNall as the Apex Association representative on the Apex Foundation Board, as he completed his term as the Apex Association National President.

We thank Jim for his time a director and the link he gave us back to Apex. In Jim’s place we welcome the new Apex Association President Matthew O’Donnell. I am sure Mathew will continue the valuable input that we continue to receive from our Association representatives.

Our financial position is well documented in our financial  statements. The highlight of the financial statements is the distributions we have made this year of $192,749. This is a welcomed increase over last year’s figure of $131,587.

As in all years, the Apex Foundation does not do what it does without the hard work and dedication of our staff, Sapna Agarwal and Phil Higgerson, and I once again thank them for all they do.

Lastly, I must thank the Board for their work over the last year. The Apex Foundation is what it is due to the hard work of this board and every past Board member.

As I finished last year’s report will finish the with the same words this year:

The Apex Foundation is a unique organisation and we should all be proud of what we have achieved and more importantly what we will achieve in the future!

Stephen Bigarelli
Chairman Apex Foundation