“Welcome to the Apex Foundation web page. Whether you are visiting this page for the first time or have been here before I hope you find it informative and interesting. The web page provides details of all aspects of what the Foundation is about and how we operate.

The Apex Foundation was created to administer and manage the funds that were raised by Apex clubs over the years in their National Service Schemes.”

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Who We Are

The Apex Foundation is a not-for-profit charity originally established by Apex Australia. It is the trustee and custodian of a wide range of projects primarily in the fields of medical research; respite care accommodation for the underprivileged; and funding of projects for the disadvantaged.

The Apex Foundation Limited is a company limited by guarantee with a commitment to improving the lives of Australians with special needs.

Individuals, Apex Clubs, Charitable Institutions and world-class researchers have benefited from valuable assistance from Apex Foundation.

The Apex Foundation does not receive direct government funding – it remains an example of Australians helping other Australians in a spirit of good citizenship and community engagement.

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Get Involved

There are many ways you can help Apex Foundation. Membership – becoming a member will keep you in touch with our progress and programs within the Apex family.

Donations – contributing financially is always welcome and with Apex your donation will goes a long way into the future.

Corporate Sponsorship – for the general well being of the Australian community as a whole, Apex invites corporate sponsors to work along side them.

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Our Trusts

There are several trusts held under the Apex Foundation.

Some of these Trusts offer the following:-

a) Funding for research purposes,
b) Funding for disadvantaged individuals or families in need of financial support,
c) Support programs for children at risk in Australia,
d) Funding for one young artist to compete in the Hans Gabor Belvedere Competition,
e) Support respite venues for underprivileged children at : Apex Cooper Coast Retreat, the SHACK and the Chalet, located in breathtaking surroundings.


Use of the chalet is open to any under-privileged children for the holiday of a lifetime.

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The SHACK This venue is available for families as a respite venue.

Full Information Here

Stay Updated - The Apex Newsletter

Apex Foundation publishes a newsletter every quarter for its members and supporters informing them of the activities of the Foundation.

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Latest News & Announcements

New Apex Foundation Patron

New Apex Foundation Patron It was with great pleasure that the Apex Foundation announced at its recent AGM that Jim Hughes AM has been appointed as a Patron of the Foundation. Jim is well known in the Apex family being a past National President and Life Governor of...

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Shoalhaven Heads Apex Cottage For Kids

Shoalhaven Heads Apex Cottage For Kids One of our esteemed Life Governors, Raymond Vincent, was recently named the 2015 Australia Day Citizen of the Year for the Shoalhaven area. Ray worked tirelessly to get the Shoalhaven Heads Apex Cottages for kids (SHACK) off the...

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Food for thought

《摩根費里曼之人類的故事》愛的力量 1/28 20:00

《摩根費里曼之人類的故事》 #週末正能量 #DoSomethingForNothing 想像一下如果我們每個人一天花五分鐘對別人表達愛心 不論是你的家人朋友或陌生人,那會在這世界造成什麼改變? 愛擁有啟發人心的力量,我們只要記住 只要有愛,我們什麼都能做到..... #請分享 #星期日晚上8點 #沒有電視請搜尋Fox+ #MOD晚上10點

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Hi everyone - The Gympie Muster is coming !! ...

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Apparently I’m short according to the latest 2 Apexians 🤔😝😂 ...

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Calling all SEQ Apexians!!

As State Debating Coordinator, I need your help! I need someone with a passion for our ideals, in particular 'To develop by example a more intelligent and aggressive citizenship', to nominate to be the Debating Coordinator for the SEQ High School Debating Competition.

I'm setting up the competition and have spent this past weekend processing all the nominations and preparing the draws but I really need someone to take over so I can focus on keeping the Sth Burnett comp going. Tim Wilshire is coordinating adjudicators in SEQ so the Debating Coordinator will liaise with schools, document scores and produce draws after Round 3 is finished.

I now have a new coordinator for Fraser Coast thanks to Associate Member of Fraser Coast Club Ainsley Sheppard, who has stepped up to the plate motivated by her passion for debating.

I am extremely passionate about Apex High School Debating but I can't keep it all going on my own as I have family, work, study and my own Club commitments to focus on.

I really need your help to keep this long standing Apex tradition alive in QLD.

Please message me or email [email protected]

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